Lunch: Cafe Terrace. I got the half mesquite chicken sandwich on sourdough, which had lettuce, tomato, bell peppers, olives!, and cheese and cup of chicken noodle soup. He got the turkey panini, which had the same veggies. I have to say, I’m not entirely sure this place deserves the 4.5/5 stars that yelpers gave, but they do have very good service. I thought the sandwich was okay. The chicken was pretty good and I love all the veggies they put on there, but it wasn’t amazing. The turkey panini wasn’t on the right bread and didn’t taste right, for some reason, even though it wasn’t bad. The owner (or son of owner), Andrew, was really cool, though. He even asked for our names and shook hands with us. Also gave us 10% off because it was our first time there! Anyway, he also gave us cookies at the end of the meal. Pretty cool. I also got the strawberry banana smoothie, which normally is strong in banana flavor everywhere else, but not here. It was mostly tangy strawberry flavor, which I don’t particularly mind, but I just expected more banana!

Anyway, I might come back here because they’re nice, but not for the food.